January/February 2015

We are having an interesting start to our season at the hatchery, to start our first shipment of eggs got left behind at Sault Saint Marie and arrived a day late this caused us to lose half of the eggs leaving us with just 5000 eggs that hatched. We were able to get a further 5000 shipped but they came six weeks later. These eggs arrived in good shape and hatched exactly a month later than the first lot, Feb 1st. Lot A as I will call it being the first to arrive have been moved to one of the large tanks as off the 20th of February to make room for the second lot or Lot B in the small rearing tank. Lot A is doing well and are feeding and growing well partly because the water has stayed quite warm even with the extreme cold we have been having, I think the good snow cover around the hatchery has helped in keeping water temperature just under 8 degrees. Lot B has been moved to the small rearing tank and will be started on feed.

Paul Helm Fish Hatchery

The first fish hatchery was started by Paul Helm, Clayton Wright and Allen Chambers.
The hatchery was started in a small building behind the rental house going down the hill towards the campsites. Brown trout were hatched and released in Landon and Whiteman Creeks.
It was decided we needed a real up-to-date hatchery with more room, Paul Helm made things happen. In 1984 began the building of a new hatchery with volunteer help.
At this time Paul was Vice President. Paul became ill and in 1984 passed away.
The official opening of the PAUL HELM MEMORIAL HATCHERY was held on May 9,1986.
Over the years thousands of young fingerlings have been released into the Whitemans Creek when we getting our eggs from the creek by electro-shocking. After 1999 when our eggs came from MNR locations they were released into the Conestoga River and upper Grand River tailwater fisheries area. Today a dedicated member and volunteer Jim Brown diligently takes care of the hatchery along with his brother Gord. Last year the fish were released at the Shand Dam in the Grand River near Fergus..
We received another 20,000 eggs on January 9, 2013 to be raised and released later this year.

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